Thursday, 30 April 2009

iBomber (previously Bombs Away) - Coming Soon!

Here are a few images from our new game iBomber. It'll be available soon from the App Store. Colin Gordon created all the artwork for this game and has come up with a cool, unique 2D look for it. I think it looks terrific. Dan 'Danger' Leyden has done his usual sterling job programming. Carrie Guthrie designed the dynamic logo.

iBomber started life as Bombs Away, but for reasons far too arcane and convoluted to go into here, the game is now going to be called iBomber. Carrie has kept the look of the original logo and modified it to fit the new one word name.

Above: the new dynamic logo and splash for iBomber.

Above: the logo and splash using the old name of Bombs Away.

Above: Bombs Away is still the name of the plane in the game.


calu said...

This game looks very impressive and original indeed :) Already bought C-130 just as an "apetizer" but it's not as interesting as iBomber appears to be ... so ... any possibility of hinting a tentative release date? :)

Nathaniel said...

Looks amazing! Great graphics. Can't wait to purchase it. Any specific release date and price yet?

The Cobra Art Team said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by.
iBomber is live on the App Store now.
An update with more maps to bomb will be following soon.

Anonymous said...

I think this is of the most polished and visually appealing games in the AppStore...I really appreciate your attention to detail and player feedback throughout. Personally I wish you could have kept the old name (or avoided the "i" gimmick) but I'm not going to hold that against you. I hope you get a chance to sequel the game or create more titles with a similar style...great stuff.

One request-- more landmasses/ opportunities for carpet bombing in the update maps. It's such a shame when the megabomb hits the water and doesn't explode, which is often considering what a beast it is to aim. :)

The Cobra Art Team said...

Thanks Grampa Pixel.
Glad you like the game. Hope you enjoy the updates, and yes there will be a sequel.